We provide Primary Care Providers (PCPs) the tools and additional support required to ensure patients enjoy optimal health outcomes through enhanced wellness plan adherence.

Predictive analytics, access to patient health claims information, and technology platforms exponentially increase primary care physician leverage of patient and peer insights in treatment planning.

Enlist our care coordination team members to work directly with your patients to understand and follow their treatment plans to enjoy the best possible health outcomes across all health risk tiers.

About HighCare Health


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All Patients Have Access

Patients with identified chronic conditions and health risks receive a call from the HighCare Health care coordination team to jump start their engagement with information, available services, and resources.

Patient Outreach

The care coordination team helps patients fully understand their treatment plan, monitors progress, and mitigates treatment delays. Tracking tools, a web-based library, and educational programs help patients improve health outcomes.


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The HighCare Health Team

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    GHS members: (844) 218-8707
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